Hello and welcome to my small space of internet!

disclaimers: This site is best viewed on a wide monitor and is not optimized for mobile (at all). This site also makes use of internal iframes for interest and ease of viewing and navigation.

I also do not censor my content in terms of language. There are no explicit images, but there may be topics covered and language used on this site that are more appropriate for adults. Those under 18 need not enter: you've been sufficiently advised. If you choose to stay, it is of your own volition.

about me:

I'm buffshel and this is my personal site.

I work as a part-time barista, full-time librarian, and over-time writer and artist in the southern U.S. I like to write (a lot). In terms of fiction I write, primarily, about angsty cowboys; my project Buffalo Shells (from which all my social handles are derived) is the first installment in a planned series that follows my original characters: Lawrence (Laws) Samson Saint-Laurent and Caine.

I draw a little bit, too.

about the site:

This site started as an entirely separate, template-built film blog that existed as cultoverkinski.com. I later decided that I wanted to build my own personal site and, while I had some trouble in transferring my domain to another provider, I've since recovered the domain name and continue to expand on what I've written previously.

I made this site initially to talk about my concentrated interest in the personal history and filmography of Klaus Kinski; however, I now consider it a far more personal site that houses basically all of my interests (though there is still a lot to be had about Kinski).

It's become very important to me that I unlearn a lot of what social media promotes and instead return to slow and meaningful consumption of content, as well as a slow and meaningful means of production.

This site is under construction, so a lot of links will not work at this time.