here's to 27 years of existence! (6/20/2024-ish)

27 doesn't feel any different from 26, but it's still worth celebrating. My grandmother hosted my birthday dinner at her house, where we had potato casserole, some grilled steaks, and some whiskey/bourbon cut with coke (this meal is definitely more on the side of traditional Southern fare). My dad wasn't thrilled with the quality of the steaks. He said something about how they were a bit tough and had too much of fat and gristle, but honestly I have so little beef at home so it tasted more than fine to me. They get their supply from their neighbor—a beef farmer across the road—and the so-called low quality beef is still better than store-bought.

I also paid very close attention to my mother's process in making the potato casserole. I will attempt it again in a half-size casserole dish once I have the chance to go to the store. If it turns out, I'll put it in under the recipe entries so others can enjoy as well.

I also had a lot of time to think. Productive thinking rather than the anxious thinking that is so typically me. I thought a bit about the website and what I want for it. I thought a lot more about my art and about how to stop overthinking about it. Basically, I'm trying to come up with ways to unlearn a lot of what I learned as part of my art major, and part of my unlearning has involved trying to re-establish what I want from my art rather than what anyone else wants (art profs especially).

But I'll spare the details of all that for another time.