why I am leaving the online art community (6/13/2024)

I've been perusing the art scene on the social-digital front lately (as usual) and so happened on the topic of art regression--the latest issue in a community that I've decided has too many issues. It's another reason to keep far away from the thick of the art scene on social media, because it's turned uncomfortable for me and so very self-sabotaging.

I got into digital art far later than my peers (in 2021 as opposed to the early 2000s), and I didn't have social medias really until I was in high school/college. I've only ever known social media for artists in the context of what I'll call the beginning-of-the-end era. I later entered on the posting/content-oriented portion of the digital art scene in mid-2021. I had expected there to be a better community, but was a bit disappointed in the reality of contemporary socials in that it really isn't all that social out there. I find, too, that there are too many artists on social platforms that broadcast their own self-immolation and/or document that of others. It is easy to get like that when you're chronically online, posting all you can manage, and trying to have your work appreciated or at the very least percieved, so I get it. But I just don't want to deal with being witness to that sort of thing anymore. I find that I feel too much and too deeply when it comes to witnessing other artists put themselves down and/or wear themselves thin.

I think it's a sort of I've been there before type-thing, and I don't want to keep revisiting my past hardships or else continue to emotionally relapse vicariously through others.

It hasn't been all bad, of course. In this span of time between 2021 to now, I've met a handful of artists/writers who I still keep in touch with and feel like I've built up an actual personal connection with--which is really cool. And I'll still float in social spaces to support the work and posts of others and make meaningful connections where I can. I might still post, too. But not art.

Because for the purpose of preserving my own art (and in the interest of my own health) I've decided to let my art simply exist here on my personal site rather than on any social platform. I'd like it to be viewed at liesure, without all the noise and constant competition. It is fairer to my art and to myself.

Shortly after this decision, I feel so much more at peace. I'm not making art to keep up with an impossible schedule. I don't have to make art to trends (not that I ever did, but the pressure was always there). I don't have to indulge in anything I'm not interested in. I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. If I remove my art from the social sphere, then only the people who really want to look at it will look. And that is more than enough for me.